Hi Everyone

Founders Mike and Linda Dunn

Founders Mike and Linda Dunn

Hello and welcome to the first post of our newsletter.

Since DCH Real Estate is new, we’d like to tell you a little about ourselves and why we think we’re best able to represent you in whatever capacity you need. We opened this year, and set up office in the old real estate building, which was formerly the Aguanga Inn. In fact, if you come in today you’ll still see the old bar, complete with the countless names carved into it. We like it, and we’re keeping it. We think a little connection to the rich history of Aguanga should be preserved, plus it’s one heck of a conversation piece.

Mike Dunn, our founder, has high expectations for our brokerage. He comes from a background not only as a real estate broker, but as someone who has spent thirty years in the construction industry. We think this will come in handy, as real estate and homebuilding are intrinsically connected at times. DCH Real Estate team members are even representatives of Pacific Modern Homes Inc., which offers one of the easiest and most cost effective stickbuilt housing solutions available. 

Mike has always held honesty and integrity in the highest regard throughout his life, and the DCH Real Estate initiative will be no different. Both Mike and all of us who are involved with the brokerage will strive to make sure that our clients and customers are never taken advantage of by anyone, and professional, straight dealing will be our default.

DCH Real Estate is the brainchild of Mike, but he is not alone in the effort. Joining him is his wife, Linda. With a background in medical records and construction bookkeeping, Linda makes sure the office runs smoothly and keeps organized. She is the glue that holds everything together around here, we like to say. 

Furthermore, there is Amanda Rodgers, a licensed Realtor currently studying for her broker’s license and specializing in raw land sales and residential properties. Real estate is not her only passion though, as she loves photography and linguistics. As a matter of fact, her most recent language of proficiency was Mandarin Chinese. She is also a licensed and bonded tax preparer, with intricate knowledge of the tax system.

Will Kohl is DCH’s newest edition to the office. Will is only weeks away from earning his real estate salesperson’s license, and is eager to become a knowledgeable real estate profession like all of his co-workers. He comes out of college with degrees in Political Science and Law and Society.

We’re growing quickly, but we want to make sure we remain personable and accessible throughout. All of us at DCH Real Estate have big plans for our agency and the Aguanga area, but we want to ensure you that the client and customer remain our number one focus. Without the support and good will of our clients and customers, no real estate agency can call itself successful.

Please feel free to stop by our office and get better acquainted with all of us. We’d love to get to know everyone we possible can. We’re still in the midst of our remodel, so please excuse the dust! We’re right in the middle of downtown Aguanga, so you can’t miss us.